Contracts Specialist I

Job Description

Job location
Tripoli / Sebha
Start Date
September 20, 2022
Experience Years
8 or more

Job Requirements

  • Good technical and managerial experience, usually 2 or more years of managerial experience.
  • Take responsibility
  • Acting as a center for collecting actual results to achieve the company’s goals.
  • Full commitment to the rules of safety, environmental protection, leadership, values and ethics.
  • Contribute to building an effective administration and introducing and developing appropriate programs and database systems.
  • Training, development and orientation of new employees.
  • Must be creative (significant and continuous development).
  • Must be proactive (strong self-decision making skills based on experience balanced with data and interpretations).
  • Ability to build a network between disciplines inside and outside the company.
  • Knowledge of all relevant laws and regulations within the company.
  • Good and collaborative communication skills and fluency in English.
  • Good computer skills, and its various applications are necessary to complete the work.

Job Responsibilities

  • Preparing the various forms of bids and contracts and ensuring their processing in accordance with the approved procedures.
  • Reviewing all contracts and agreements prepared by companies or other bodies and amending their texts in line with the company’s needs.
  • Review settlements of expired contracts.
  • Coordination with the Legal Department for advice on legal aspects.
  • Reviewing the documentary cycle of contracts and ensuring their integrity.
  • Preparing periodic reports and statistics.
  • Receipt of service and purchase orders requests from the concerned departments in order to study them and put them into practice after making sure that they meet the conditions and obtain the required approvals.
  • Preparing the contracts concluded by the company, in terms of choosing the appropriate contract form, and preparing the draft contract in the final form, in coordination with the concerned department and the Legal Departments.
  • Negotiating with contractors in order to reach the best prices and ensure the quality of services.
  • Develop and update contracts in relation to additional services or to delete any of the services agreed upon in the original contract in accordance with the policies and procedures followed in the company.
  • Participate in preparing the list of contracts and internal purchases of the company.

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