Electrical Maintenance Group Supervisor

Job Description

Electrical Group supervisor supervising the plant jobs and tasks , take car of spare parts and purchase orders,initiating ,and accepting orders. planning plant turn around organizing materials ,job schedules, manpower and supervising the execution of the tasks. commissioning new installation , diesel generators, battery charger ,rectifiers , etc..,modifying existing electrical installations.
Job location
Start Date
November 30, 2022
Experience Years
12 or more
Experience FIELD
12 years experience, including 2 in supervisory positions

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor of Engineering 10 years experience, including 2 in supervisory positions
  • High diploma 12 years experience, including 2 in supervisory positions
  • Intermediate Diploma 14 years experience, including 3 in supervisory positions
  • Proficiency in English writing and speaking.
  • Ability to explain technical information.
  • Flexibility and ability to work under pressure.
  • Proficiency in teamwork and teamwork skills.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs and planning programs.
  • Possess organizational skills and problem-solving ability.

Job Responsibilities

  • He carries out the tasks and responsibilities assigned to him by the requirements of the work.
  • Follows up the implementation of preventive and corrective maintenance programs and overhauls for devices and equipment in its units.
  • Follows up on the implementation of all preventive, corrective, and sudden maintenance programs.
  • Provides technical opinion and advice on technical evaluation of offers.
  • Directly supervise the maintenance and repair of equipment and facilities assigned to its subsidiaries.
  • Develops plans and programs to carry out electrical maintenance work
  • Follows upon stock availability of spare parts and equipment to carry out maintenance work.
  • Prepares daily and monthly reports of maintenance work and follows up on its implementation
  • He continues to document the technical information of the devices and equipment on which the maintenance work has been carried out.
  • Provides technical opinion and technical reports to his immediate superior.
  • Develop training plans and programs to rehabilitate and train the department’s users.
  • Follows up, directs, and evaluates users to raise performance efficiency and develop work performance.
  • Maintain the work and vacation program with other records related to users and all assigned users.
  • Contributes to the formulation and preparation of management objectives.
  • Make recommendations about improvements in the company’s electrical organization by modern standards so that it is in line with modern technological developments.
  • Follows up documentation of technical information for devices and equipment.
  • Comply with the company’s applicable regulations and procedures.
  • Preparing periodic reports as required.
  • Adherence to occupational safety and health procedures and regulations as stipulated by the company’s regulations
  • Performs other duties and duties that are directly related to his job.

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