Firefither Driver

Job Description

firefighter assigned to drive and operate firefighting vehicles of significant complexity and lead the regularly assigned crew
Job location
Start Date
June 20, 2022
Experience Years
1 or more

Job Requirements

  • . Driving license at the level of operating heavy machinery (class 3)
  • . Must have a minimum of 1-year of experience as a firefighter
  • . The basics of firefighting: identifying them, assessing them, how to deal with them.
  • . The ability to withstand work under pressure and meet the challenges of work in terms of capabilities or in terms of logistics
  • . Experience in dealing with firefighting systems and heavy machinery

Job Responsibilities

  • . Daily inspection of the functions of the fire truck and ensuring its safety (inspection list
  • . Daily inspection of all the elements that make up the firefighting system, such as pipes, pumps and operating panels, inspection list, and ensuring their safety to ensure their readiness in the event of a fire
  • . The monthly or quarterly inspection required for the truck and all components of the attached firefighting system to ensure that all necessary maintenance operations are performed on time.
  • . Preparing daily and weekly reports and sending them to the concerned department on time
  • . Maintain and operate the truck according to its manual

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