Leading Community-Operation-Based, and high-impact communication.


Zallaf formulates communications strategies on priority issues and carries out communications campaigns to support the substantive goals of the Organization. The Media and Communication Department manages the network of its various departments and offices around Libya. The department reaches out to all of its target audience through information products (web sites, posters and publications), outreach activities carried out by Zallaf’s SD Department, and through the international media. The integration of social media platforms, including social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube, is an increasingly important component of the Department’s communications strategies. The department aims to best manage all issues of concerns to the company including issue relating to stakeholders, brand and reputation of its own and of that of the NOC. Aiming to improve communications on Zallaf system’s sustainability performance, the website is a reservoir of useful information.

Zallaf Communication Goals

  • Maximize strategic communication across Zallaf.
  • Ensure Zallaf’s work is accessible, understandable, and actionable.
  • Maximize Community/Public trust in and credibility of Zallaf’s operations, SD/CSR programs, and recommendations.

Communication Principles

  • Zallaf embraces intellectual honesty and transparency in its release of information to fully empower its leadership decision making.
  • Zallaf accepts scientific debate and respects the peer-review process.
  • Zallaf’s communication is empathetic, respectful, non-judgmental, and never arrogant toward its communities & stakeholders and others.
  • Zallaf considers diverse cultural and societal values and beliefs when developing messages.
  • Zallaf does not use trickery or deceptive communication techniques to advance its operation recommendations or its reputation.
  • Zallaf is accountable for its actions, and recommendations, whilst aligning with the NOC.
  • Zallaf’s good reputation is not sacrificed for the sake of any past, current, or future employee or partner.
  • Zallaf respects the right of its detractors to voice their opposition and does not impute the source’s motives but does vigorously correct errors and challenge misjudgments.
  • Zallaf embraces the idea that plain language works best to eliminate ambiguity in its operations and operation recommendations for the public.
  • Zallaf admits its mistakes, (if any), and takes responsibility for correcting them.
  • Zallaf does not withhold information only to avoid embarrassment.
  • Zallaf communication is Community-Operation-Based, timely, accurate, respectful, credible, and consistent.