Expediting Specialist

Expediting Specialist Posted on: March 29, 2021

Expected date to hire the vacancy: March 2021

The nature of the job (Job location, Contract Type (Local or Expat,)

Procurement and Material, Procurement section, Local

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Review of purchase orders submitted by departments with a general understanding of the items ordered, delivery timeframes, special conditions, inspection criteria and destination.
  • Facilitating the timely delivery of issued orders using standard and accepted expediting processes.

–    Follow-up of orders’ cases. Careful follow-up and reporting to choose the appropriate supplier, this includes material / production schedules, progress, testing, results, inspections, results, shipping, and related documents.

–    Follow-up and assistance in solving the seller / supplier’s questions, inspection results, non-conformity reports, etc. in accordance with the requesting management’s instructions

–    Participation in the final evaluation meetings of the offers

–    Preparing and submitting all required documents and related information to the designated inspector. Issue inspection assignment reviews as needed for customer change orders.

–    Coordinate inspection visits as per client requirements and / or approved inspection and testing plan

–    Review inspection reports within 24 hours of submitting them to ensure inspection scope, accuracy and completeness are addressed. Follow up with the inspector to clarify or correct inaccurate and incomplete information.

–    Maintaining the current and complete electronic assignments folder, including but not limited to all purchase order issues, meeting minutes, approved drawings, specifications of the requesting department, inspection assignment, inspection reports, materials release notice, material test reports, and test results. Inspection checklists, documenting instructions or decisions of the requesting administration, confirmation of receipt, bill of lading / packing list, photographs.

–    Working within a management team environment, and potentially in multiple projects

–    Perform expediting activities proactively to ensure the delivery of related equipment, materials, services and documents.

–    Development and maintenance of case reports

–    Attending the purchase order launch meetings and being able to manage them

–    Attend local store expedition visits, as appropriate.

–    Follow up on purchase orders with suppliers and discuss payment, delivery and quality terms

–    Close purchase orders.

–    Communicate with suppliers to solve problems that affect the purchase order.

–    Review the bills of materials to ensure their accuracy.

–    Coordinate transportation, logistics, and customs services office as appropriate.

–    Assist the procurement coordinator in developing or improving the company’s business processes and procedures

Job requirements

Bachelor degree / High Diploma or equivalent,

–  5 years experience in the field of procurement and follow-up.

– Good handling of / Microsoft word & Excel

– News in dealing with the purchasing system, such as SAP or others

–  Fluency in reading and writing English