Material Coordinator

Material Coordinator Posted on: March 29, 2021

The nature of the job (Job location, Contract Type (Local or Expat,)

Procurement & material Department

Materia Section Tripoli Office

Local contract

Roles and Responsibilities

–              Active participation and attendance in periodic management meetings.

–              Possessing organizational skills and the ability to motivate the work team.

–              Participate in formulating the department’s main goals and plans

–              Responsible for planning and preparing the executive programs for the materials department, which are ultimately aimed at achieving the main objectives of the company.

–              Responsible for planning the provision of needs through the materials and stores department.

–              Responsible for ensuring the materials department’s capabilities to meet the requirements of operations, storing materials in accordance with recognized standards, and distributing them according to established procedures without delay to complete the company’s operations to the fullest.

–              Responsible for following up on the implementation of the materials department’s plans.

–              Training the personnel working in the materials department on their work and transferring his experience to them so that they are qualified to replace him in case the position is vacant.

–              Participate in preparing the procedures for the materials department with the director of the department.

–              Suggesting improvements, remedial and preventive measures that would improve the work performance of the materials department.

–              Issuing appropriate decisions within the limits of the powers that may be the cause of improving the system in the materials department.

–              Proposing the appropriate budget for the materials department within the company’s capabilities, based on studies of its subject.

–              Supervising the procedures of receipt and storage

–              Monitor stock levels in the field and ensure the availability of materials as per requirements.

–              Submitting a weekly report showing what has been accomplished and what has been postponed, with an explanation of the reason.

–              All of the aforementioned must be done according to the official procedure approved by the Materials Department.

–              Preparing training plans for management according to the company’s capabilities.

–              Responsibility for following up on keeping all records and files of the Materials Department, and all works are subject to internal review


Job requirements

–  Bachelor degree / High Diploma or equivalent.

– 5 years of experience in materials and warehouse management

Good handling of / Microsoft word & Excel.

– Experience in dealing with storage systems such as SAP or others

– Fluency in reading and writing English.

– Possessing organizational skills and the ability to motivate the work team.

– The ability to deal with problems and provide appropriate solutions.

– The ability to plan.

– The ability to communicate in English.

– Proficiency in using MS Office programs and using the Internet.