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Abdulhafed Abdullah Abuaen

Abdulhafed Abdullah Abuaen

He has graduated from the University of Tripoli – faculty of Petroleum Engineering in 1981 and has practical experience in the field of drilling, work-over and production engineering for more than 38 years. He started his career in the Arabian Gulf Oil Company as a petroleum engineer in the Nafoora field for 6 years, then was assigned to head the Petroleum Engineering Department in the Sarir field for a period of 7 year, after that he moved to work in the National Oil Corporation in 1993 work among its technical staff in the production department – drilling section, to follow-up the activities of drilling and workover of oil wells carried out in Libya by national and international companies.

In the second half of 1997, he was seconded to Elf Aquitaine Company to work in the drilling activity at the Company’s main technical center in Pau -France within the technical team in charge of engineering studies and executive works for the offshore block NC137 development project, which was later called Al-Jurf field;At that time Elf Aquitaine merged with Totalfina to form “TotalFinaElf” Company then changed to Total Company.

Among the most prominent projects that he has followed- up is the drilling offshore wells project in Bahr al-Salam offshore drilling project, and at the beginning of 2017, he was appointed as the head of the Drilling and work-over Committee and in May 2019 he was delegated to Zallaf Libya as Management Committee member for Operations and Materials that includes production and maintenance, drilling and materials and heavy transportation.

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