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Barkuli Abosalah Elhabib

Barkuli Abosalah Elhabib

Graduated from Portland Oregon University, USA in 1983, civil engineering, he started his career by supervising several projects related to the oil and gas industry, the beginning was in Ras Lanuf Company, for more than a year and a half, after moved to work for Sirte oil company and then joined the team to work in the establishment of Sabha oil Refinery, which was transferred by decision from N.O.C to the( Zawiya oil Refinery) which was established in early 1980’s

in the late 1980’s joined the management team of the Zawiya oil refinery. And then moved to work for Baker Hughes Oil Services Company, in project and construction management, and also worked for several years in Akakus Oil Operations, in 2017 started with Zallaf Libya as a Member of the Management Committee for Engineering and Projects.

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