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The nature of commodities exchanges is changing rapidly. The combination of unprecedented political uncertainty, trade wars and rapidly evolving technologies makes commodity markets almost as unpredictable as they were during the financial crisis. At Zallaf, we strive to provide you with the latest commodities exchanges through our up-to-date stock market exchange tool.


Select the commodity from the bottom menu such as, Oil or gas


Select any date from the graph for prices (annual graph)


At the top left of the graph exchange prices will be shown

Frequently asked questions

What is a commodities exchange?

Commodity exchanges are legal entities that establish and enforce rules and procedures for trading standardized commodities contracts and related investment commodities. A commodity exchange also refers to the physical center where a transaction occurs. The commodity market is vast, with over trillions of dollars traded daily.

Traders rarely deliver physical commodities through commodity exchanges. Instead, they trade futures contracts. Under this agreement, the parties agree to buy or sell the specified quantity of goods at the agreed price, regardless of the cost currently traded on the market for a given expiration date. The most traded commodity futures contract is crude oil.

There are several modern commodities exchanges, including metal, fuel, and soft commodities exchanges.

What is the source of the data?

According to the stock market exchange, this data is acquired from the US and other international exchanges, including but not limited to Europe, Canada, India, China, Korea, Japan and Brazil. However, our source for this data is NYSE/NASDAQ.

What is the name of the tool?

Stock Market Exchange is a set of endpoints that allow developers, webmasters and power users to easily include financial features in their web and mobile applications, as well as blogs and other financial outlets.

There are two types of endpoints included with Stockdio: Visualization and Data endpoints.

Visualization Endpoints consist of charts and other visualizations of financial data in web or mobile applications.

Data Endpoints: series of REST APIs of financial data and indicator calculations that developers can use in their web and mobile applications.

What is the global marketplace used for exchanging national currencies?

All information is provided by the foreign exchange (also known as forex or FX) market

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