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Atshan Project - Zallaf



In the context of the NOC endeavor to develop the concession area NC 210, which includes the Atshan field; NOC has provided this concession to Zallaf Libya Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas in 2017, to study the possibility of developing the concession and exploring new areas for producing oil and gas.

During the years 2018/2019, Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Exploration Company studied all available information on previous exploration works and developed a preliminary vision looking into the possibility of developing oil and gas, so the results of those studies were presented to the management of the National Oil Corporation, which expressed its desire for Zallaf Libya to move forward in development work.

In purpose of ascertaining the quantities that were estimated in the past for the number of 6 discovered fields, estimate the quantities of the original stock, and to make discoveries that were not estimated by the previous operators of the concession areas; Zallaf Libya signed a contract with DNM company which  has a global experience and reputation in the field of conducting comprehensive studies of reservoirs and fields, and its experience extends for years dating back to 1935

Where the agreement was signed on 1-10-2020 and at the beginning of August and then the completion of the stage of evaluating the original stock for all discoveries separately, including estimating the quantities for each productive layer in all these discoveries, so this evaluation was completed, which resulted in the discovery of additional reservoirs of Huge quantities.

Project Details

110 x 120 km2
Murzuq Basin


Located between Murzuq and Ghadames basin and it shares the westerns borders with Algeria. 

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