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Erawin Project - Zallaf



The preliminary engineering studies were completed and the contract was signed to complete the detailed engineering works, purchase the necessary materials and equipment, carry out the construction work of the main pipeline and well flow lines, and connect the early production station, so that the project will be put into production by November 2022. Several Exploration wells were drilled by previous operator resulted into 3 oil discoveries from the Mamuniyat formation (Ordovician Age) E1,G1 and H1-NC200 which is known as Erawin Field . 478 km2 of 3D seismic data was acquired over the Erawin Field. Zallaf currently are developing the E Pool by drilling several development wells.

Project Details

8285 Km2
Murzuq Basin


The Erawin field development project is located about 100 km southwest of the El Sharara field. 115 Station B, about 40 km north-east of the city of Owainat. 

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