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  • The journey of 1,025,400 km without accidents

    No accidents during
    the transfer of pipelines
    for Erawin Field

  • new oil fields exploration

    will impact the lives
    of every Libyan

  • Zallaf is always looking to inspire

    Training people is part
    of our ongoing sustainable development in the southern region

about zallaf

who we are ?

Zallaf is an exploration and production oil and gas entity founded in 2013.  Zallaf was given the permission by the National Oil Corporation (NOC) that led to its establishment in the year 2017. 

Zallaf is a 100% subsidiary of the NOC established to develop oil fields that have been discovered and appraised but not yet produced as well as increase oil & gas production. In Zallaf, we believe that it is our corporate social responsibility (CSR) to create a sustainable spatial development in production and industrial areas.

  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Production
    & Refinery
    our services

    what we do ?

    We find & extract crude oil and natural gas and transform them for sale to retail And commercial customers.
    • Exploration
    • Development
    • Production
    • Refinery

      international oil prices

      Our work


      Zallaf is intending to develop and construct its Early Production Facility (EPF) Plant in Block NC-200, which shall be fully designed and operated by Zallaf.

      NOC subsidiaries

      Zallaf is proud to be a member of the NOC sister companies and will remain committed to continue its obligation, finding and extracting crude oil as well as natural gas.

      Concession Map

      Note:The interactive Google map arbitrary Libyan border does not reflect reality and misses the officially recognized Libyan border by NOC and State of Libya.

      Note: Please note that there is difference between the following used map and the official NOC map with a difference of 6%. Zallaf does not recognize the border provided by these companies.

      Zallaf Libya

      Contact info

      Sabha (Main) Office
      Tripoli Office
      Floor 22, Tripoli Tower, Tripoli, Libya
      +218 21 3660810 ext. 2000 – 1010

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