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South Refinery

The southern refinery is an industrial facility to refine and convert its crude oil form into various oil derivatives.

The South Refinery to be implemented in Ubari will be next to the steam power plant, 25 km approx east of Al Sharara field, 6 km Approx west of Ubari power plant. The refinery will process about 30,000 barrels per day of crude oil, producing conventional petroleum products.

Products we are going to produce:

  • Propane and Butane: LPG for domestic and industrial uses.
  • Gasoline 95: regular, unleaded, and low-sulfur gasoline. The refinery will produce recycled and conventional gasoline for local markets.
  • Kerosene/Jet fuel.
  • Diesel fuel: Low-sulfur diesel found in the trucking industry and heavy machinery.
  • Oil: tanker fuel and power generation.

How will the fuel be transported?

The facility has access to many of the major crude oil and product pipelines located in the region and the use of purpose-built trucks.

Safety and Social Responsibility:

The safety and quality of life of citizens in the communities surrounding our operations and our employees is a primary focus of operations at Zallaf. That’s why we strive to operate at all times in a safe, reliable, and environmentally sound manner.

The refinery will provide jobs at the facility, and it will open up direct and indirect employment and business prospects in the region, reflecting highly on Libya’s overall economy and the region’s prosperity and development such as (Agriculture, industrial, and domestic use of refinery products). 


The South Refinery project will be implemented in Aubari city, 25 km east of Al Sharara field and 6 km west of Ubari power plant. 

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