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Early Production Facilities (EPF) for Community Engagement

Zallaf intends to develop and construct its Early Production Facility (EPF) Plant in Block NC-200, which shall be fully designed and operated by Zallaf – and aligned with the requirements of the Libyan Regulators (EGA, DoA, NOC, and Zallaf).

EPF processing train of 10,000 STBOD capacity consists of:

  • First stage separator.
  • Second stage separator (Degasser).
  • Electrostatic coalesce (Dehydrator).
  • 20 thousand barrels (wash/surge) tank with gas boot.
  • Booster and Export pumps.
  • Knock out drum and flare stack.
  • Water Evaporation pit.

Zallaf Libya Oil & Gas Company Early Production Facilities (EPF) – envisaged needs & design capture. Our in-depth understanding and production experience cover all of the individual processes required for processing upstream hydrocarbons.

Zallaf can design and operate an Early Production Facility (EPF) to suit its prospect and the kind of production. It envisages (production: type and volume) whether we need to deal with heavy or light liquids, sweet or sour gases, oily or sandy water.

Zallaf is seeking to design and operate a skid-mounted package in its NC 200 Block and can leverage that experience to not only produce a bespoke Production Facility but – to put the “Early” into “EPF” – Zallaf Libya Oil & Gas Company can turn out its plant design with record-breaking deliveries. In addition, Zallaf would design to seek an EFP system that offers a range of technologies that will cover most of its EPF needs.

Zallaf – philosophy and commitment for the environment & community

Zallaf developed an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) for the NC200 Project of our intended Early Production Facility (EPF) Plant before carrying an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).

Consequently, our team of experts conducts baseline field surveys, including archaeology, fauna and flora, geology, hydrogeology, air quality, and socioeconomics.

Moreover, we are complimented by; Continuous engagement throughout the documentation development with the concerned Libyan Authorities such as The Environmental General Authorities (EGA), the National Oil Corporation (NOC), the Department of Archaeology (DoA), and other relevant stakeholders such as consultations with recognized technical experts, universities, NGOs and community representatives.

The adjacent projects that coincide with the EFP Project are:

  • a new construction of a 100 km Pipeline.
  • a new construction of camp site.
  • wells work overs.
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