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Stakeholder engagement - Zallaf

How Do We Engage With Our Stakeholders?

Zallaf’s sustainable development department considers all the social impacts on communities/stakeholders from its operations.

We believe that regular dialogue and engagement with our stakeholders are essential to our activities’ development, implementation, and ultimate success; thus, we always ensure continuous and respectful engagement with communities/stakeholders throughout Zallaf’s business and project lifecycles.

Therefore, we have set our stakeholders’ engagement plan to connect with the community, National Oil Corporation, the Libyan government, NGOs, project leadership, and the media.

To contact the Sustainable Development office:

Zallaf Libya

Contact info

Sabha (Main) Office
Tripoli Office
Floor 22, Tripoli Tower, Tripoli, Libya
+218 21 3660810 ext. 2000 – 1010

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