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Husain Ali Abuseliana - Zallaf

Husain Ali Abuseliana

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tripoli in 1994, and a Master’s degree in Petroleum Technology from Teesside University, UK, in 2007.

He joined Agip Oil Company Limited – Libya Branch (Currently Mellitah Oil and Gas) in 1997. He rose in the company’s career ladder until he was appointed General Manager of Operations in 2013, and Chairman of the Management Committee from (2015-2020). In the period in which he took over Chairmanship of the Management Committee of Mellitah Oil and Gas Company. Several important projects have been accomplished for the company and the sector. The most important of which are: the project to construct the Gaza floating tank in the Al-Buri offshore field and bring it into service. The implementation of a project to drill and connect 10 wells in the Bahr al-Salam field (Bahr al-Salam project). He was involved in the installation of a gas pressure station in the Wafa field, a project to connect 9 wells to production in the Wafa field as well as the completion of the project of surface facilities for low pressure wells in the Abu Atfal field, and a project to raise the carrying capacity of the Sabratha platform.

In the year 2020, he was assigned the position of Chairman of the Management Committee of the Zallaf Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company, owned by the National Oil Corporation.

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