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A Site visit to Al- Disa field in Murzuq Basin


January 16, 2023, Mr. Abdulhafed Abuaen, MMC for Operations and Drilling, accompanied by Mr. Isam Shibani, MMC for Exploration and Production, conducted a site visit to the Disa field to follow up and review the latest developments of the drilling operations at the site.

The delegates were accompanied by a number of specialists from the exploration, drilling, health, safety and environment departments, as well as Mr. Mohamed Hussein, MMC for operations at the National Company for Drilling and Maintenance.

The visit included a field tour of the National Drilling Rig No. 8, which is working on drilling exploratory well No. A1- 146/3 (NC174) Al-Disa in the Murzuq Basin to ensure the commitments to the health, safety and environmental systems & policy of Zallaf Company and the N.O.C during the drilling operations and to review the quality of services and materials provided by service companies, directions were given to improve the drilling performance to reach better results after discussing the obstacles and difficulties that impede the progress of operations at the site.

This visit comes within the framework of following up the company’s strategic projects and how are the plans been implemented as scheduled.


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