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Annual Celebration of Zallaf Libya

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Zallaf Libya Exploration & Production for Oil & Gas Company celebrated on the occasion of passing a whole year of 2018 with great achievements and activities last Thursday Jan 03, 2019 in Nuqta space located in Tripoli, Dr. Abdussalam Aziz – acting as Chairman of Management committee and the Management Committee Mr. Jomah Kousa, Dr. Mohamed Dangou and Mr. Barkuli Elhabib appreciated and thanked all employees for their effort and dedication, in addition, they awarded some of the employees who were potential, innovator and their performance were outstanding, on the top of them, they appreciated the effort of Dr. Khalifa Rajab Abdulsadek – Chairman of Management Committee for his cooperation to add refining activates and get more filed locations for Zallaf company. The awarding of the employees were as per following:

Employee of the year – Ms. Aziza Elmanghush

Outstanding Performance certificates were granted to “6” employees:

·         Mr. Mohamed Darbok

·         Mr. Mahmoud Gattahwi

·         Mr. Abdelaziz Abdulrahman

·         Ms. Maryam Jerbi

·         Ms. Halloumah Sherif

·         Mr. Abdulnaser alkbesh

Thank you cards were provided to “15” employees:

·         Mr. Jamal Zwai

·         Mr. Taha Mahmoudi

·         Mr. Isaam Shebani

·         Mr. Ibrahim Shetewi

·         Mr. Abobaker belhaj

·         Mr. Abdelsam ali

·         Ms. Yasmin Elmejrab

·         Mr. Hazem Doughman

·         Dr. Sadeg Gneia

·         Mr. Moad Zetoni

·         Ms. Maryam Bennaji

·         Mr. Abdaleem sherif

·         Mr. Mohamed Saaud

·         Ms. Raghad Gadderbok

·         Mr. Abdulrhman Ellafi

Finally, we deeply thank the Management of Nuqta center for their assistance and support by providing a very good and comfortable working environment for our employees to perform professionally.

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