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Completion of all civil works related to the extension of fiber optic lines to the Erawin oil field


Zallaf is proud to announce the completion of the fiber optics line between the main road in Ubari to the Erawin oil field under the supervision of Ubari and Sabha Post Offices.

The assigned team of Zallaf engineers managed to finish laying the fiber-optic cable lines. The area covered a 7.5km distance from the main road to the Erawin oil field. The completion of this stage will support develop the installation of the communications equipment provided by Al-Madar communication company to provide internet services in the Erawin oil field. In addition to setting up Al-Madar and Libyana phone coverage in the area surrounding the field and the main road, for an estimated fifteen kilometers.

The accomplished work will result in better access to the internet and communications infrastructure in the Erawin oil field. Zallaf is thankful to all the participants of the project, given the extreme conditions in which the project took place due to the terrain and the extent of the area.

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