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Geological Day celebration sponsored by Zallaf Company

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Wednesday, 5/19-2021 at the College of Science of Tripoli University, a celebration was held on the occasion of the Geology Day, the event take place at Dr. Mansour Al-Zlitni Amphitheater in the Department of Chemistry. With the presence of Specialists, professors and students in geosciences, a various scientific lecture was given on geology and earth sciences, and on this occasion some personalities and elites who contributed to the success of the activities of the Libyan Society for Geosciences, which was established in 1958, were honored.

The Vice President of the Society, Dr. Khaled Mohamed Aoun, in the presence of the Exploration manager, Eng. Mustafa Baair with great thanks and gratitude to Zallaf Company for its participation and sponsorship of this important scientific event.

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