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Isam Shibani

Isam Shibani

BSC degree in petroleum engineering, Faculty of Petroleum Technologies, Sirte University (Bright Star) El-brega, Libya 1996 – 2001.

After one year of training program with NOC in 2004, I joined Repsol Oil Operations Co (Currently Akakus Oil Operations) in 2005.

I worked as Drilling & Work over Supervisor in fields between 2005 -2013, managing and supervising Rig operations in daily basis and ensure all activities are executing as planned.

Assigned to work as Drilling & Work over Engineer in Tripoli Office between 2013 -2017, Preparing drilling & Work over programs, well planning and cost estimate. 

In Dec 2017 I was delegated to Zallaf Oil&Gas, worked in Exploration & Production till 2019, reviewing and evaluating exploration/appraisal wells data, Preparing Scope of Work related to drilling services, ITT packages for Rig contractors, Wellheads, drilling fluids and cement design. forecasting Long Lead Items and budget for Zallaf drilling projects.

Between 2019 – 2022, drilling & workover department was established, as drilling & Workover Coordinator I was Involved in Planning, Engineering and supervision on operation & activities.

 Involved in PQ and CFT process, contributed to the preparation and start of the first drilling operations in Zallaf Oil&Gas fields (Chadar, Erawin & Atshan).

As drilling & Work over manger, prepare drilling & Work over plan & strategy and build up drilling department Organization chart, following closely activities and ensure all planned objectives are achieved safely, give full support on new technologies utilization & implementation. Strongly recommend on conducting training and development programs for department’s staff at all levels and follow-up periodically, as well as worked as a member in Zallaf main tender committee

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