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Ramadan Mohamed Ebouda - Zallaf

Ramadan Mohamed Ebouda

He began his career in the field of oil and gas in 1995 in the Sirte Oil and Gas Production and Processing Company, in the Accounting Department/Budget Control/Asset Coordination, Production and Insurance. On the method of preparing and submitting reports and effective participation in preparing budgets, as well as entrusted with many tasks such as the annual inventory, follow-up of large projects under implementation, and taking many internal and external training programs in advanced accounting and courses related to the English language from the fifth level to the first level at the Sirte Training Center. In addition to other certificates such as (Pitman), (ILEST), and continued for 15 years working in the Sirte company.

He joined the Libyan-Norwegian Fertilizer Company (LIFCO) in 2009 as a budget coordinator and was one of its founders with regard to the financial system. And after a short period, he was entrusted with the tasks of the financial controller in Lifeco, as well as the head of the Urea Distribution Committee and the monitoring and supervision of the company’s subscription prices with the global market to determine the price of gas and the price of the urea and ammonia product according to the agreements concluded with the foreign partner and communication with the National Oil Corporation in this regard, as well as entrusted He has the duties of the acting director of the financial management in the company in the event of the departure of the official director, and among the tasks in which he had the most prominent role was the general official and head of the financial management team in relation to the installation of the ERP organization (SYSPRO) from the beginning, and he had a great role and active participation in its operation and work.

In May 2019, he joined Zallaf Libya as a member of the Management Committee for Finance, Human Resources and Public Services to contribute to the establishment of modern digital financial systems such as the SAP system as a general officer of SAP Sponsor, and a member of the steering committee for the installation and operation of the system from a financial point of view, as well as the general responsible for the human resources and payroll system in the company. His contribution to the creation of SuccessFactors has been fascinating since he was a key player to its activation. It is now working, starting with the introduction of the worksheet through the user after getting the approval by the direct manager, to the end of entering the salary entry in the accounts system, and the use of old paper fees has been completely dispensed with SuccessFactors system linked to the S4Hana system, and now the system is operating from August ( GO-LIVE).

Moreover, he was responsible for preparing the company’s systems and regulations for managing human resources, collaborating and approving some of their work. Also, he is responsible for the Training and Development Department, which appears effective and distinctive in Zallaf Company. His main contribution include helping all technical departments achieve their strategic objectives set by the management committee.

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