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Signing a memorandum of understanding between Zallaf Libya Exploration and production of Oil and Gas & Waha Oil Company

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Within the framework of the National Oil Corporation’s policy on encouraging continuous cooperation and exchange of experiences among its affiliated national companies, a meeting was held, on March 31, 2021, between Zallaf Libya Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas and Waha Oil Company at the headquarter of Waha oil Company. A detailed presentation was presented by Zallaf company, to introduce Chadar field statues and the stages that the operations have reached in this field, and after this meeting, a preliminary discussion of the Zallaf company’s plan for the linking process for the purpose of conducting the necessary tests for the field, assessing the reservoir, and developing the necessary development plan

In conclusion, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the two parties regarding linking the Chadar field production line to surface facilities with the Al-Faragh field of the Waha Oil Company as soon as the target wells are equipped with long-term tests.

The work team formed by the two companies will supervise the preliminary designs of the project and follow it up to the date of connection and production, under the direct supervision of the relevant departments of the N.O.C

It is worth mentioning that the first well was drilled in Chadar field was in 1968 by Mobil oil company, and the N.O.C, had recently granted this concession to Zallaf Company in order to make studies, develop and start production.

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