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The General Assembly of “Zallaf” expects to put “Erawin” field on production next November

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Monday, January 17,2022, at the N.O.C headquarter, the General Assembly of the “Zallaf Libya” was held, headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng. Mustaf Sanallah, Members of the Board of Directors Mr. Aboulgasem shengir, Mr. Amari Mohamed, Mr. Al-Awkali (members of the general assembly) Eng. Hussein Abuselyana Chairman of Zallaf s` management committee, members of the management committee Mr. Ramadan Ebouda, Eng. Barkuli Elhabib,Eng. Abdulhafed Abuaen,and Eng. Abdussalam Aziz, general managers, directors of departments a, and the head and members of the company’s control body.

Eng. Mustafa Sanalla confirmed that supplying Ubari power station with gas instead of crude oil will increase the efficiency of the station and contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions and allow saving at least 14 thousand barrels of crude oil per day. which can be marketed internationally to enhance our country’s ability to export and increase national revenues.

Engineer Sanalla also praised the efforts of all employees of the Zallaf Company who are working on preparing Erawin field, which is expected to be put on production in November 2022.

Sanalla also clarified that the N.O.C management received the initial report transferred from “Zallaf Libya” related to the development of the “Al-Atshan” field, after completing the geological study of the field and its neighboring prospects, which aimed at assessing gas and oil reserves and estimating future production rates, in addition to estimating costs. associated with development and production processes.

In the same context, Engineer Sanalla indicated that the plan to develop the “Al-Atshan” field is one of the N.O.C strategic plans to exploit this field to provide natural gas to Ubari power station. With a value of 132 million Libyan dinars, it is expected to be excavated by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

The Chairman of the Management Committee of Zallaf valued the continuous support provided by the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of N.O.C and all the technical departments, stressing that all the comments and recommendations of the General Assembly have been taken into account and will be among the company’s priorities.

The meeting reviewed the company’s activities for the year 2021, By presenting the activities of the health, safety, security and environment department, the exploration and development activity, studies, drilling, project and manufacturing activity, the ICT for implementing “SAP” project, the financial and legal aspects of the company, in addition to the actual expenses for the years 2020 and 2021, and the budget summary. The proposed year 2021, and the proposed year 2022. The Monitoring Authority and the Minutes Management Committee also submitted their reports, which included several observations for the company’s management.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the president and members of the general assembly expressed their thanks to the company’s committee and all the managers and employees of the company, urging it to communicate with the relevant departments of the N.O.C, to eliminate any obstacles may occur.

For his part, Eng. Sanalla thanked the company’s management for their commitment to the instructions of N.O.C Board of Directors regarding performance indicators KPIs`, stressing that the company’s achievements are clear, taking great steps as a company with a promising future.

He also urged the company’s management to draw up a comprehensive development plan for the undeveloped discoveries that guarantees the continuity of production for a period of no less than 15 years, and to be attached to the basic development plan, in addition to increasing interest in the work of the “Al-Atshan” field, given the challenges that N.O.C, faces in providing gas.

With regard to the South Refinery project, Engineer Sanalla stressed that it is a promising project that will work on the settlement of new and technical industries in the south, expressing the confidence of the N.O.C’s management in the company’s ability to own and manage the refinery, stressing the importance of adopting a good neighbor policy with the residents living near the company’s sites and bringing about development spatial.

He also referred to the commitment of workers in the oil sector in their various locations to work in extremely difficult conditions in order to achieve production that represents 95% of the general revenue of the Libyan state.

Source: N.O.C Media office.

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