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The launch of the first flights of Zallaf Libya from Tripoli to the Sharara oil field

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Based on the management committee’s keenness to provide the best proper services to the Zallaf employees, and with great effort from the General Services Department and the support of the Libyan Oil Airlines, the first flights for Zallaf employees took off from Meitiqa International Airport heading to the Sharara field on Friday morning, 3/12/2021. As It is considered the closest oil site to the Erawin field (until the completion of work to construct the landing pad for the field, which work has already begun and is expected to be ready by the beginning of the third quarter of this year)

It is reported that the plane carried a number of Zallaf employees on board, in addition to some employees of service companies present in the field, such as Schlumberger, SGS, KAMCO and Fayyad Burqan Drilling Company.


The company’s management extends its thanks to everyone who was involved in this work and affirms its eagerness to provide all means of comfort and to create appropriate conditions for all the employees of the company


God bless you all

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