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The management committee conducting a field visit to the Chadar field

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The Chairman of the Management Committee, accompanied by members of the Management Committee and a number of departmental managers and specialists, the Production Department manager and the manager of Reserve, Development Department of the N.O.C arrived into the Chadar field on Sunday, January 31, 2021,the purpose of this visit is to in follow up and determine the progress of re-entry operations to the wells A4 and A2, and the drilling process for the alternative well A1a, and the testing operations for well A2, which was successfully re-entered and retrieved, which minimize the company expenditure of drilling an alternative well

It is worth to mention that the well A2 was drilled in 1968 by Mobil company, and the N.O.C had recently granted this concession to the Zallaf Libya Company for exploration and production of oil and gas for study, development and production.

The drilling operations of the alternative well A1a were also examined by the company’s team in the field, thanks for the tremendous work incorporation with National Drilling Company and Al-Jouf Company and other companies supporting drilling and testing operations in very difficult climate.

the Chader field, which is intended to be linked to the Alfaregh field of the Waha Oil Company in the production phase, in a distance of 40 km, was also visited, as well as the route of the pipeline.

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