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The meeting of the management committee and departmental managers to discuss the 2021 plan

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In the framework of following up the progress of the activities and the implementation of the plans targeted to achieve for the year 2021

The Chairman and members of the Management Committee of the Zallaf Oil and Gas Exploration and Production held a meeting on Thursday, 22 of April, included all the company’s department managers

virtually through Teams network, discussed several points, the most important of which was the review of departmental objectives for the 2021 and the percentage of what was achieved during the first quarter of this year.

These meetings come in light of the management committee’s keenness to follow up the progress of work in all departments and to confirm the implementation of the plan developed according to the schedule prepared in advance. It is worth noting that many activities and strategic works developed by the company this year have been initiated, the most important of which is conducting tests on some wells in the Erawin and Chadar fields.

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