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Zallaf Management committee on an inspection visit to the Al-Atshan field


Following up on the progress of the activities and pushing up for drilling and the operations associated, Mr. Chairman, the members of the management committee and a number of department managers of Zallaf Libya, accompanied by the Director of the Exploration Department at the National Oil Corporation, headed Wednesday morning to the Al- Atshan field, in order to find out the latest developments in the ongoing drilling operations on the well. B08 carried out by the National Drilling Company.

 Among the visit program, visiting the force in charge of protecting the field, which they confirmed that the security situation of the field is excellent and no penetration or threat to the site has been recorded since the force received the task of protection.

The Chairman and members of the Management Committee held a meeting with the field staff from different departments, discussing the observations and needs to insure providing them to carry out their tasks in the required manner.

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