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A practical step in the direction of developing Al Atshan oil field

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A working team assigned by the Zallaf Company for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production conducted a trip survey in the concession area No. (MN 210) including Al-Atshan oil field and other oil fields currently under development, as well as different facilities such as airstrip , the enter- roads of the concession area, and the topographical nature of the area as a whole.,

The team has also worked on tracking possible routes for a future gas export line that would feed Ubari power plant with gas fuel as of pumping estimation of about 150 million cubic feet per day.

This step comes within the framework of the current practical efforts by the National Oil Corporation (N.O.C) and Zallaf Libya for exploration and production of oil and gas to develop the reserves of oil and gas in the mentioned concession area.

The company has contracted specialized international company to conduct a study of developing the field, after the company’s management adopted it and made it one of its strategic projects for the year 2020.

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