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Meeting of the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors with the Exploration and Development Department of the NOC


Sunday, 16 of August 2020, at the headquarter of NOC, the general board discussed and reviewed the results of the initial stages of the reservoir and geological studies of the Alatshan oil field and the adjacent speculations of Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Exploration Company in the southern region.

The discussion focused on results from different proposed scenarios to develop these fields; the studies completed by the end of last year helped to prepare a plan to establish the Al-Atashan oil field. Therefore, it comes within the strategic objectives of the NOC and Zallaf firms to benefit from the development of these fields in providing gas to the power stations to operate them instead of the heavy fuel, especially Ubari power station.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Belqasem Chengeer, a member of the Board of Directors of NOC, and virtually, Dr. Khalifa Ragab Abdulsadek, Chairman of the Management Committee of Zallaf Company, and from the headquarter of NOC, Mr. Abdulsalam Aziz, a member of the Management Committee of Zallaf company, and the NOC Director of the Development Department. The reserve and reservoir engineering supervisor in the reserve development department, the superintendent of geological operations in the exploration department, and several NOC and Zallaf company specialists.

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