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A reception and welcome ceremony for the new Chairman of the Management Committee, Eng. Hussein Abusliana

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Thursday, 3-12-2020, Zallaf Libya for Exploration and Production of oil & gas organized a reception and welcoming ceremony for the new Chairman of the Management Committee, Mr. M. Hussein Abusliana,  in the presence of the members of the Management Committee, Eng. Abdulhafed Abuaen , MMC for Operations and Materials,

Dr Abdussalam A. Aziz., MMC for Exploration, Development and Production, and Eng. Barkuli Abu Saleh Elhabib , MMC for Engineering and Projects, and virtually Mr. Ramadan Ebouda , MMC For human resources, services and supplies, and company department managers, staff and technicians from the rest of the company’s sites and fields, Dr. Abdul Salam Aziz started the opening speech and introduces Eng. Hussein Abusiliana and his practical and scientific experience in the oil & industry. He confirmed that by joining of Eng. Hussein Abusiliana, to the Zallaf family, will add further success and values to the company’s objectives,

The CMC, Eng. Hussein Abusliana, started  speech in which he expressed his deep thanks and appreciation for this occasion, and highlighted the fabulous efforts made by the former CMC, Dr. Khalifa Rajab and the rest of the team to drive Zallaf Company into this stage by using the latest technical and administrative technologies, despite the difficulties and obstacles, most notably the pandemic of covid19, The CMC,Eng. Hussein Abusliana, also praised the concerted efforts and the team spirit to achieve the best results and strategic objectives of the company, and that Zallaf  is full of young and ambitious competencies that can be relied on.

Before the end of the meeting Mr. CMC, received open questions and welcome speech with  congrates from the rest of the employees.


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