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Technical meeting between Zallaf Libya and NOC

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Tuesday, 17 of November , 2020,  technical meeting was held between N.O.C & Zallaf Libya for Exploration and Production of oil and gas, at the headquarters of N.O.C, and linked virtually with N.O.C branch in Benghazi and Ras Lanuf, with presence of the member of the Board of Directors for the Petroleum Industries, Planning, Computer and Communications of N.O.C, Mr. Jadallah  Al-Awkali, the directors of the General Administration of Petroleum Industries, Mr. Khaled Abdullah, the General Administration of Computer and Communications Mr. Muhammad Salem , the director of departments and specialists of N.O.C, and the CMC of Zallaf Libya Dr. Khalifa Rajab, and  members of the management committee Eng. Barkuli Elhabib MMC for Engineering and Projects, Mr. Ramadan Ebouda, MMC for Finance, Human Resources and Services, departments managers, other Zallaf specialists, and representative of the Libyan Petroleum Institute.

the meeting  discussed the general activity of the company, and issues related to financial and technical matters, and the preventive protocols that had been taken to confront (Covid 19) pandemic, in accordance with the instructions issued by N.O.C to all its companies, and it was keen to implement it in all its different locations since the beginning of the Epidemic spread.

The meeting discussed the construction of the South Refinery project from the technical and financial point of view, and its importance in providing petroleum products (fuel) in the southern regions, which will resolve fuel shortness problem in those areas.

In this regard, N.O.C confirmed that it will continue to work on the implementation of this vital project despite all the current circumstances, in addition to establishing a unit for the extraction of the cooking gas product.

The projects related to communication and information technology were also discussed during this meeting as Zallaf Company is to establish (SAP) Financial Management System As a step in the direction of digital transformation.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Jadallah Al-Awakli thanked and praised the Chairman and the MMC of Zallaf Company, and all its employees, for their efforts in implementing the projects related to communications and information technology.


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