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All staff meeting – with HSSE & HR Monthly Awareness Training

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HSE Awareness Increase Monthly Staff Meeting:  

An HSSE Awareness Monthly Staff Meeting: an awareness HSSE Monthly Staff Meeting was held by the HSE Department at Zallaf Office in November 2018. The Awareness HSE presentations were given on HSSE initiatives for Zallaf Office – such as firefighting tactics & emergency evacuation , where participants engaged in impassioned discussion on creating accident-free workplaces that promote the safety and physical health of Zallaf employees.

HR Awareness Increase Monthly Staff Meeting:

A Human Resources (HR) awareness session was held by the HR Team at Zallaf Offices in November 2018. The Awareness Session covered many HR topics – including medical cover – and, other topics – that are essential for employees and are of relevance to Zallaf HR Policy.  The session aimed at improving communication between the HR Department & Zallaf Employees. The HR Department have outlined some of the HR manual templates to achieve compliance with Zallaf HR Manual.

New staff were welcomed to the session & to Zallaf.

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