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A technical workshop held between Zallaf and the NOC in conjunction with the Zallaf assigned concessions

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A technical workshop was held between the Specialists from the exploration department within the NOC and their counterparts from Zallaf Libya. The meeting was held on Tuesday 13/11/2018 at Zallaf headquarters. The workshop was aimed to discuss the various options for the seismic proposal intended for the Zallaf Concessions within Murzq and Gudamis Basin. Other issues & problems pertinent to the proposal were also discussed in the workshop – ensuring; ways and options of solving those problems. At the end of the workshop it was agreed by the participants that Zallaf Exploration Department would carry-on developing the proposed plans; and to re-present them to the NOC – including, recommendations of amendments. NOC team emphasis to hold other workshops to reach to the optimum results.

Meeting between the two exploration departments that of the NOC & its counterpart Zallaf Libya 13.11.2018

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