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Discussing the final arrangements to start implementing the training program for 60 trainees from the South

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Thursday, 4,3, 2021, a meeting was held in Zallaf meeting room with Mr. Ali Al-Ghanai, head of the Sharara Training Center in Tmnhent City, in the presence of the member of the management committee Mr. Ramadan Ebouda , Mr. Abdulaziz Abdulrahman, Office manager of the Chairman of the Committee, and Mr. Abdul Salam Ali,  H.S.E Manager, Mrs. Khawla Sherif, H.R Manager, Mr. Hazam Dougman, G.S Manager, and a number of specialists. Final arrangements were discussed to start the implementation of the training program for 60 graduates from high schools and technical institutes in the southern region, which will be held in the near future,

The implementation of the training program was delayed due to the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic.

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