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The fourth meeting of the Management Committee for 2021

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February 16-2021, the fourth meeting of the Management Committee for 2021 , was held in the Zallaf Company meeting room, leaded by the Chairman of the Management Committee and members of the Management Committee, and in the presence of the Chairman of the Company’s Supervision Authority,

The meeting addressed several topics, the most important of which are

Discussing and reviewing the latest developments regarding the Erawin project, and the stages of the technical and financial evaluation of the proposal submitted by the contractor, and the alternatives proposed for the implementation of the project.

Discussing the drilling and re-entry of Chadar field wells.

The latest developments regarding the temporary camp for 30 employees, to be implemented in the Erawin field.

Developments regarding the procedures of the land granted to the company in Tmannhent and to communicate with N.O.C in this regard.

Discussing and following up on budget preparation for RE-entry operations for some wells in the Atshan field.

Conducting an environmental impact assessment study for the NC174 near the Elephant field, and preparing for drilling an exploratory well on it. In addition to some other administrative and technical issues related to the company’s workflow.

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