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Discussing the plan to start appraisal drilling in the Al-Atshan field and the concession NC.210


In the presence of a member of the Board of Directors for Exploration and Production, the directors of the Exploration and Development Department, the Projects Department, the Production Department of the National Oil Corporation, the head and members of the Management Committee, the directors of the Exploration and Drilling Department of Zallaf Company, in addition to the Al-Atshan field development team, a meeting was held on, February 8, 2022 at the company’s headquarters, discussing the evaluation drilling programs for gas discoveries in the region, plans and equipment were set for initiating drilling operations in the “Atashan” field, in addition to discussing the proposed budgets for drilling programs, completion of wells, testing programs and the entire project development budget.

This project is considered one of the important and necessary strategic projects to provide the natural gas needed to operate the Ubari power station and to provide the crude oil currently used in the operations. Everyone agreed to expedite the preparations to start drilling and hold a meeting to finalize the drilling plans and prepare the necessary budget to embark on this vital project for the southern region in particular and Libya in general.

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