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Initiation of topographical survey of the South Refinery location


Because of what the management committee of Zallaf Libya attaches the utmost importance to the project of establishing the South Refinery and considering it one of its strategic objectives, and in line with the instructions of the National Oil Corporation to take the necessary and quick steps to implement this promising project

Sunday 6-2-2022, A specialized team from Zallaf Company arrived at the site on which the South Refinery project will take place, accompanied by the contractor assigned. The expedition aims to initiate a field survey and determine the points and areas on which the project will occur. In addition, samples taken from the site will verify the properties and specifications of the soil in the refinery specifications.

The South Refinery project location is 950 km from Tripoli, 18 km west of the city of Ubari, about 7 km west of the Ubari power station, and about 40 km east of the Sharara oil field.

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