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Elders and wise men of Murzugh basin in the hospitality of Zallaf


The Chairman of the Management Committee of Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Exploration and Production received at the company’s headquarters in Tripoli, a delegation of Murzuq Basin

The meeting, which was held on Thursday, was attended by members of the management committee as well as sustainable development and media office coordinator.

Where the Chairman and members of the Management Committee welcomed the attendees and introduced the most important projects and works carried out by the company, which would create sustainable spatial development for the cities and areas nearby to the company’s operations.

The Chairman of the Management Committee also clarified the company’s commitment to the policies of the N.O.C in the field of sustainable development, the environment, and the policy of a good neighbor with the communities nearby to its oil operations.

The project to establish the company’s headquarters in the southern region was also discussed, stressing the importance of creating a suitable environment for sustainable development and creating all conditions for the beginning of a real economic renaissance in the region.

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