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A joint workshop between Zallaf Libya and Waha Oil Company on the Chadar oil field


In the context of encouraging and supporting of the N.O.C and urging its companies to collaborate, communicate and exchange experiences among them, a joint workshop was held on Tuesday 31/8/2021, between the Exploration and Development Department of Zallaf Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company and Waha Oil Company, in the presence of the chairman of the Management Committee Eng. Hussein Abu Silyana and a member of the Management Committee for Exploration, Development and Production, Dr. Abdulsalam Aziz, and Mr. Mahmoud Shabeek, Director of the Exploration Department at Waha Oil Company, and virtually Dr. Khalifa Rajab, Senior Adviser to the N.O.C and a number of specialists in the exploration departments of the two companies. The meeting discussed several technical issues related to the Chadar field, concession 126 and the neighboring areas and concession 59, including the challenges facing the workflow for evaluating concession 126 and exchanging technical information and experiences between the two companies.

It is worth mentioning that the N.O.C has granted Zallaf Company the task of developing the Chadar field and putting it on production. The Chadar field is located about 45 km east of the Alfaregh oil field of the Waha Oil Company

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