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Firefighting team of the Awainat office successfully completed the intensive training program


Sunday 19-6-2022, at the Operations Office of the Erawin Field in Awainat, the activities of the training course for the firefighting team program were launched and continued until Thursday 23-6-2022.

The course is supervised by the Health, Safety and Environment Department of Zallaf Libya and implemented by a team of trainers and experts from Mellitah Oil and Gas Company.

The training program includes information about the types of fires and how to deal with them, in addition to practical experiences of dealing in case of emergency.

Within the program prepared for the course, the participants learned how to operate fire engines, divide the tasks and techniques used to extinguish fires at oil sites.

Through this program, important information about the ventilator system and how to use it correctly, especially in emergency and rescue cases, were learned.

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