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A field visit to the Erawan and Sharara fields


In a step towards achieving one of the company’s strategic objectives for the year 2022.

A joint team formed from the Engineering and Projects Department and the contractor executing the Erawin field development project (Petrofac), in addition to engineers of Akakus Oil Operations Company, a field visit was conducted to the sites of the Sharara and Erawin fields. The trip lasted for four days (from June 12 to 15), the main purpose of which was to conduct a field visit to the company’s sites in the Erawan field and the Sharara field (NC-115B), during which the connection point and the most appropriate path for the oil pipeline from the company’s site in the Sharara field were determine. To the crude oil collection tank of the NC-115 B station, the most appropriate path for the power and automatic control cables necessary to connect with the station (NC-115 B) for the supply of electricity and the safe operation of the two stations has also been determined.

 During this visit, the team headed to the target wells which will to start production in the Erawan field (E-1, E4, E5, & E-7) and the pipeline storage yard in the field.

It was four busy days, and the results were very successful, according to a statement obtained by the Office of Sustainable Development and Media.

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