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HSE Department holds meeting with officials from Fayad Burqan Company

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Thursday 2/11-2021,the HSE manager and the HSE Coordinator in the presence of the Drilling Department manager and the Drilling Coordinator of Zallaf company holds meeting with the Operation manager department of Fayad Burqan Company, (the contractor in charge of drilling operations in the Erawin field) and virtually with representatives from Fayad Burqan Company in the Erawin field, as well as the field supervisor and the safety supervisor in the field.

During the review of the operations activity in the Erawin field, the HSE Manager thanked the staff of Fayad Burqan Company for their work and commitment to the health, safety and environment standards and procedures since the beginning of the operations in the field.

This meeting came to follow up the progress of operations and to emphasize the importance of adhering to the health, safety, security and environment policy of Zallaf, which stipulates the principle of completing work without causing any accidents that may lead to injuries to people or damage to the environment and properties.

The meeting was introduced by Mr. Arzi Qadino., HSE Coordinator of Zallaf Libya, with a visual presentation of the importance of safety, and the policies adopted by Zallaf for the prevention of work injuries and environment protection, highlighting the importance of communication and the importance of the awareness of safe operations and achieving the goals of Zallaf Libya by providing a safe work environment.

In conclusion, it was agreed to intensify efforts to complete the work with zero accidents and achieve the best performance indicators.

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