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The Chairman and the Members of the Management Committee held meetings to follow up the Zallaf Portfolio Exploration Project and the South Refinery Project

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The Chairman and members of the Management Committee held a meetings on Monday 15 of February,2021. in the Zallaf meeting room, the meeting was to discuss and review Zallaf Exploration Portfolio Project, to assess the exploratory prospects for 5 concessions. The Zallaf Exploration Portfolio Project for the year 2020 includes the interpretation of two- and three-dimensional seismic data and re-geological evaluation, And studying the results of the wells drilled in 5 blocks, and concessions operated by the Zallaf Company, which are MN174, N200, MN190, MN210, Atshan concession and Concession 126 (Chadar field) to estimate the general reserves of oil and gas and condensate explored and unexplored for these pieces.

The Exploration Department presented the final results of these studies for the areas MN 174 and MN 190, and the presentation included a final summary of the speculations that were mapped to the two pieces, estimates of the expected reserves of oil and gas for these pieces, the rate of geological risk, and proposals for exploration and evaluation drilling for some of the proposals and proposed work programs for the year 2021, A final report has been prepared for submission to the N.O.C

A summary of the work stages of the other parts, MN 200, MN 210, Atshan concession and NC 126, have been presented, and have reached advanced stages, the geological and geophysical studies are expected to be completed before the end of the first quarter of 2021, with a comprehensive final report prepared and submitted to N.O.C

The second meeting discussed the  latest developments regarding the South Refinery project, the contracting strategy regarding the implementation of the project was reviewed and discussed, the options and alternatives for how to contract were considered, and it was agreed to make a further studies of these options presented, and provide other offers and alternatives, and then to prepare a comprehensive report to submit it to the N.O.C

The South Refinery Project is considered as one of the most important strategic projects adopted by Zallaf Libya in terms of sustainable development programs, which will contribute effectively in solving the fuel shortness in southern Libya and create job opportunities for the residents in the region as a whole.

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