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In preparation for the start of drilling operations,The CMC, Eng Hussen Abusliana and MMCs arrived to the Erawin field

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Tuesday, 22 of December 2020, CMC, Eng. Hussen Abusliana, arrived at the Erawin field in the southwest. Eng, Hussen accompanied by the members of the Management Committee, Mr. Abdussalam  Aziz, Mr. Abdulhafed Abuaen, Mr. Ramadan Ebouda and Mr. Barkuli Elhabib and a number of department managers and specialists, in order to follow-up and stand on preparations fo the start of the drilling operations in the Erawin field  (NC 200). carried out by the drilling rig 50, of the contractor Fayad Burqin company through the National Company for Drilling and Well Maintenance, and also they conducted a visit into the runway, which is expected to be prepared and equipped in the coming days, beside the proposed area for storing the pipeline and drilling equipment.

Also visiting, Al-Owainat office branch to review the maintenance operations and equipment..

On the this occasion The CMC & MMCs have met with a number of delegates from Al-Owainat city who valued this visit and confirmed their keenness and support for the Zallaf Libya and its operations.

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