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The agenda of the general assembly meeting of the NOC and Zallaf Libya for exploration & production of oil and gas, Fields development projects, creation of future projects and sustainable development projects for the south region

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Quoted from the N.O.C website

The general assembly meetings of the NOC and Zallf,  hosted this year by Sirte Oil and Gas Company in Briqah city ,on Saturday 26,of December 2020, Leaded by Eng. Mustafa Sanallah, Chairman of the NOC.  (Chairman of the General Assembly) with the presence of Mr. Abulqasim Shanqir,Mr. Jadallah Al Awkali, and Al Amari Mohamed, members of the Board of Directors (members of the General Assembly)

Eng. Hussin Abusliana, Chairman of Zallaf’s Management Committee (through the closed circuit),  Eng, Abdulhafed Abuaen ,Eng, Abdussalam A. Aziz ,Eng, Barkuli Elhabib and Mr.Ramadan Ebouda , Members of Zallaf Management commetee, and general directors and advisors on both sides, the Chairman and members of the Monitoring Authority.

The meeting,  reviewed the company’s various activities in health, safety and environment, exploration activities, geological and reservoir studies, drilling wells, and engineering projects during 2020, and the proposed work and budget for the 2021, in addition to the various projects that the company intends to undertake during 2021. The monitoring authority has also presented its report and responded to the observations .

The meeting also discussed the company’s strategic objectives for 2020, including the completion of the Erawin and Chadar field projects and the preparation to start production from those fields, the completion of the feasibility study for the establishment of the South Refinery and the LPG Extraction Unit for domestic use, in addition to plans to develop the Al-Atshan field, to providing gas to  Ubari power plant, and drilling wells in the exploration zone 174.

Eng. Mustafa Sanallah said in his speech: We count on Zallaf, to be an important step in stabilizing the south, creating sustainability and providing the requirements for a better life for our people in the beloved south, through several strategic projects that it will undertake in the future, and will have a major role in developing and increasing Production of oil and gas.

In this regard, he stressed the importance of preparing plans to develop the Alatshan field, the most prominent challenge for the company, which will work to provide Ubari power station with gas supplies, and praised the company’s efforts to complete the implementation of the SAP system, which is a step in the direction of digital transformation and a distinguished work that is calculated for the company, to be able to do the work professionally as the first national company in the oil sector to use this technology.

He noted the good step taken by the company to give the young men and women the opportunity to take over the leadership of some of the company’s departments, as part of the encouragement to prepare leaders from the new generation to assume responsibility.

The members of the Board of Directors emphasized in their comments to the company’s management committee, the need to intensify field visits, support the efforts of their employees, and communicate with national companies such as Al-Jouf Oil Technology and North Africa Geophysical Exploration for collaboration.

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