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Launching of Erawan Field Project Operations at Zallaf Libya Oil & Gas Company

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Dr. Khalifa Rajab Abdusadek, Chairman of the Management Committee of Zallaf Libya Oil & Gas Company accompanied by Mr. Abd Elhafeedh Abdallah Abou Ain, Member of the Management Committee for Operations and Materials, Mr. Ramadan Ahmed Abouda, Member of the Management Committee for Finance and Human Resources and some specialists at the Company paid a visit to Erawan Project site (NC200) adjacent to Alaweinat city where they were familiarized with the preparations and procedures that have been taken to commence the operations of developing the field. A location to the Company’s office in Alaweinat city was also chosen and which is now being equipped and prepared to be the site of the Project’s administration of the development operations.

On the other hand, Al Sharara Oil Field affiliated to Akakus Oil Operations Company was also visited in which various activities were checked along with Mr. Nuri Es-Sid, Chairman of the Management Committee of Akakus Oil Operations Company, in order to strengthen and enhance the cooperation in a way that achieves the targets and to benefit from the utilities and supplies basis that exist in Akakus Oil Operations Company and to connect the production line of the Company with Al Sharara Oil Field in future which was previously agreed upon between Zallaf Libya Oil & Gas Company and Akakus Oil Operations and approved by the National Oil Corporation.

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