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Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Company discusses ways to benefit from the financial systems used by Arabian Gulf Oil Company


Within the framework of mutual cooperation between the National Oil Corporation’s affiliated companies and within benefiting from the expertise and experiences of the national companies working in this field, Mr. Ramadan Abouda, Member of the Financial Department at Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Company paid a visit to Arabian Gulf Oil Company in which he held a meeting with Mr. Ashraf Alabar, Acting Chairman of the Management Committee of Arabian Gulf Oil Company on Sunday morning 21/07/2019.

The meeting was attended, from Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Company’s side, by Mr. Mohamed Et-tweijer (Manager of Financial Department) and Mr. Majed Es-swaei (Delivery Manager of SAP Project) as well as the Manager of Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs and IT at the Arabian Gulf Oil Company and specialists from both companies.

The meeting discussed ways to benefit from the financial systems and techniques used by Arabian Oil Gulf Company which are related to the financial activity in order to create similar systems at Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Company. The Arabian Gulf Oil Company confirmed its willingness to provide Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Company with all possible assistance in different fields.

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