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Meeting at the national center for disease control


Within the framework of Zallaf Oil and Gas Exploration and Production’s importance on the health and safety of its employees, and in implementation of the recommendations of the crisis committee of confronting the Corona virus pandemic, Mr. Abdulsalam Ali, Health, Safety and Environment Department Manager, accompanied by Dr. Ali Al-Burawi, the company’s health advisor, conducted a meeting with Dr. Badr Al-Din Al-Najjar,  General Director of the National Center for Disease Control  , an introduction about Zallaf Company and its activities, and the extent of its commitment to achieving sustainable development in its areas of operations, especially in the southern region of Libya were given, and it was agreed in this meeting to start soon the vaccination campaign against Corona virus in the company’s offices and to coordinate to send a team from the Center for Disease Control into Erawin Field.

This meeting was also preceded by presentation of a special awareness lecture through the MS Teams program, on vaccines types, and the vaccination plan adopted by the National Center for Disease Control

Many questions were answered regarding these vaccines and their effectiveness, and encouragement to start registration and reservation in the system according to the plan set by the Ministry of Health.

This lecture was prepared by the company’s health advisor, Dr. Ali Aburawi to raise awareness among all company employees and provide ways that contribute to limiting the spread of the virus, whether in workplaces or at home.

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