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Zallaf introduces a new technology used for the first time in the history of the oil industry in Libya

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For the first time in the oil and gas industry in Libya, DUOLINE-20 technology, manufactured by the American company MaxTube, was used in the production pipelines that were lowered into well (A4-126) in Chadar field.

This type of pipes is highly efficient in resisting rust and corrosion compared to regular pipes, which increases the life of completion equipment in oil and gas wells and reduces costly periodic maintenance operations.

This type of pipes has been developed so that they are lined from the inside with a corrosion-resistant and more effective material. Plain Inner Coating of Filament-Wound Glass-Reinforced Epoxy Liner (GRE), it is specifically designed to operate in challenging environments including water injection wells, CO2 injection wells and oil and gas production wells with high levels of gases. It is also used in wells to dispose of chemicals in onshore and offshore fields, in addition to the success of this type of pipe in preventing corrosion in gas production wells with temperature reaches 292 degrees Fahrenheit.

In this regard, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Management Committee of Mellitah Oil and Gas Company, and the Department of Drilling and Well Maintenance (Oil Branch) for their full cooperation and support for the successful work.

A joint team of specialists from Zallaf and Mellitah will prepare and publish a scientific paper on this achievement.



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